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Changes for version 0.0.4_01

  • added on-demand Scan with Armadito AV RESTful API
  • added get ArmaditoAV status alert


command line interface script for Armadito Prelude.


Armadito-Prelude communication client in Perl language.
Client class dealing with libprelude with Prelude module.
An abstract HTTP client
HTTP Client for armadito AV RESTful API.
Class dealing with IDMEF format for libprelude
Armadito Prelude logger
An abstract logger backend
A file backend for the logger
A stderr backend for the logger
A syslog backend for the logger
Basic functions for directories manipulations used in Armadito Prelude.
Basic I/O functions used in Armadito Prelude.
Armadito Prelude security static subroutines.
Tools for timestamp manipulation
simple XML parser class using XML::Bare module.