Author image Viktor Kojouharov


A widget library for the web
an accordion widget
a page used in a accordion
helper functions for prototypejs's Ajax object
an anchor widget
A text break widget
a button with a background
a calendar widget
a canvas widget
a checkbox
a combo box widget
an option widget for the combobox
a simple comment object
provides %IWLConfig
a container widget
a content box
a sequential content widget.
a page in a druid
a text entry widget
a file upload widget
a form object
a frame object
An embedded Google map.
A horizontal box container
a hidden value field
a E<ltiframegt> container
an iconbox widget
an icon widget for the iconbox
an image widget
input widget
a input button
helper functions for converting to and from JSON notation
a label widget
a list container
a defintion list item
a menu widget
a menu item widget
a menubar widget
a navigation bar
a tabbed notebook widget
a tab used in a notebook
Base object module for IWL
The root widget, containing the body and header markup.
the <body> markup
the <head> markup
a link object
a meta object
the <title> markup
a page control widget
an HTML parser
an RPC handler
an RPC Requst helper class
a radio button
A script object.
a sliding control widget
a number spinner widget
Encapsulation of HTML form information
stock item support
string helper functions
a stylesheet object
an image used as a submit button
a table widget
a cell widget for a table
a container widget for a table
a row widget
a simple text object
a text area widget
a tooltip widget
a tree widget
a cell widget for a tree row
a row widget
a file upload widget
A horizontal box container
the base widget object