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Changes for version 2.08 - 2023-03-28

  • Let pica_fields return a new array reference
  • Document pica_split
  • Make "norm(alized)" alias for "plus" format


parse and validate PICA+ data


Implementation of picadata command line application.
PICA record processing
Information about malformed or invalid PICA data
abstract base class of PICA parsers
Binary PICA+ format parser
PICA JSON parser
PICA FOLIO Import XML Parser
PicaPlus-XML Parser (format variant of the Deutsche Nationalbiliothek)
Plain PICA format parser
Normalized PICA+ format parser
PICA+ XML parser
Implementation of PICA diff and patch
PICA path expression to match field and subfield values
Validate PICA based formats with Avram Schemas
Create Avram Schema from examples
Base class of PICA+ writers
Binary PICA+ format serializer
Serialize PICA data with self defined data separators
PICA Import format serializer
PICA JSON serializer
PICA FOLIO Import XML serializer
PicaPlus-XML format serializer
Plain PICA+ format serializer
Normalized PICA+ format serializer
PICA+ XML format serializer


in lib/PICA/Data/