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Changes for version 0.07

  • Chg : Policies earned their own set of classes under the App::Rgit::Policy namespace.
  • Chg : Object::Tiny is no longer a dependency.
  • Chg : The module now depends on File::Spec in spite of File::Spec::Functions.
  • Chg : Also try to append .exe, .com and .cmd to the end of the git path on Win32.
  • Fix : rgit used to run the command in "/path/foo.git" when the root directory was named "/path/foo/".
  • Fix : Work around Kwalitee test misfailures.
  • Opt : The .git directories won't be searched for another repositories anymore.
  • Tst : Skip tests when the mock git executable can't be run.
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  • rgit - Recursively execute a command on all the git repositories in a directory tree.