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rgit - Recursively execute a command on all the git repositories in a directory tree.
App::Rgit - Backend that supports the rgit utility.
App::Rgit::Command - Base class for App::Rgit commands.
App::Rgit::Command::Each - Class for commands to execute for each repository.
App::Rgit::Command::Once - Class for commands to execute only once.
App::Rgit::Config - Base class for App::Rgit configurations.
App::Rgit::Config::Default - Default App::Rgit configuration class.
App::Rgit::Guard - Scope guard helper for App::Rgit.
App::Rgit::Policy - Base class for App::Rgit policies.
App::Rgit::Policy::Default - The default policy that stops on error.
App::Rgit::Policy::Interactive - A policy that asks what to do on error.
App::Rgit::Policy::Keep - A policy that ignores errors.
App::Rgit::Repository - Class representing a Git repository.
App::Rgit::Utils - Miscellaneous utilities for App::Rgit classes.
Changes for version 0.08
    • Fix : Only apply abs_path() to paths that are either relative or that contains '..'. This should fix test failures on Mac OS X.

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