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Changes for version 0.12

  • Updating for release of version 0.12 Updated manifest (Ivan Wills) Fixed typo (Ivan Wills) Fixed incorrect version number (Ivan Wills) Added two missing files (Ivan Wills) Removed unneeded tag (Ivan Wills) Added specific Test::More version for the features being used (Ivan Wills) Added config for coveralls.io (Ivan Wills) New test for security headders (Ivan Wills) Removed unused modules (Ivan Wills) Fixed XPath (Ivan Wills) Improved test coverage (Ivan Wills) Moved die before the skip so it wasn't skipped (Ivan Wills) Changed test TODOs to be more specific and only mark the expected tests (Ivan Wills) Planned talk (Ivan Wills) Added skipping docs directory for deployment to CPAN (Ivan Wills) Changed the xmethods.t to be more flexable and reusable (Ivan Wills) Current list of what works and doesn't external URLs (Ivan Wills) Added fallback to use namespace if schemaLocation not given for included/imported documents (Ivan Wills) Removed "version" dependency (Ivan Wills) Added ignoring test reports (Ivan Wills) Added ignoring test reports (Ivan Wills) fixed executable state (Ivan Wills)