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Changes for version 0.11

  • Updating for release of version 0.11 Changed dependency (Ivan Wills) Added missed test (Ivan Wills) Added missing tests (Ivan Wills) Updated the documentation (Ivan Wills) Updated licence (Ivan Wills) Updated manifest (Ivan Wills) Merge pull request #13 from BrianMowrey/fix_tests (Ivan Wills) 2nd part of parent_module config (Brian Mowrey)
    • added parent_module config entry to XSD Parser when creating modules. The generated module was not extending from Base.pm which was causing the subtype/coercion to be missed, failing a test. (Brian Mowrey)
    • moved simple_list coercion to after list coercion so list takes precedence (otherwise just ArrayRef gets used, instead of ArrayRef[HashRef] (Brian Mowrey)
  • Added correct file extension (Ivan Wills) More tests (Ivan Wills) Adding list type (Ivan Wills) Added group-git tag files (Ivan Wills) Turned license creation back on (Ivan Wills) Removed doubled up test (Ivan Wills) Made the test slightly more robust (Ivan Wills) Updating for release of version 0.10 (Ivan Wills) Fixed spelling test (Ivan Wills)