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Ivan Wills
wsdl-parser - Parses a WSDL file to generate a SOAP client
xsd-parser - Parse XSD files and create perl/Moose modules that encapsulate that information.
bin/get-wsdl-resources - <One-line description of commands purpose>
W3C::SOAP - Static and dynamic SOAP client generator from WSDL & XSD files
W3C::SOAP::Base - Base module for build W3C::SOAP modules
W3C::SOAP::Client - Client to talk SOAP to a server.
W3C::SOAP::Document - Object to represent an XML Document
W3C::SOAP::Document::Node - The super class for document nodes
W3C::SOAP::Exception - Exceptions for SOAP Clients etc
W3C::SOAP::Header - Object to create SOAP headers
W3C::SOAP::Header::Security - Creates a SOAP Header WS-Security object
W3C::SOAP::Header::Security::Username - Creates a WS-Security User name object
W3C::SOAP::Parser - Base module for creating Moose objects from XML documents
W3C::SOAP::Utils - Utility functions to be used with W3C::SOAP modules
W3C::SOAP::WSDL - A SOAP WSDL Client object
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document - Object to represent a WSDL Document
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Binding - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::InOutPuts - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Message - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Node - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Operation - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Policy - Extracted policy information
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Port - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::PortType - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Document::Service - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Meta::Method - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Parser - Parses WSDL documents to generate Perl client libraries to access the Web Service defined.
W3C::SOAP::WSDL::Utils - WSDL related utilities
W3C::SOAP::XSD - The parent module for generated XSD modules.
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Document - Represents a XMLSchema Document
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Document::ComplexType - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Document::Element - XML Schema Element
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Document::Node - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Document::SimpleType - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Document::Type - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Parser - Parser for XSD documents that generates Perl modules implementing the object defined.
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Traits - Specifies the traits of an XSD Moose attribute
W3C::SOAP::XSD::Types - <One-line description of module's purpose>
W3C::SOAP::Exception::BadInput in lib/W3C/SOAP/Exception.pm
W3C::SOAP::Exception::Doomed in lib/W3C/SOAP/Exception.pm
W3C::SOAP::Exception::HTTP in lib/W3C/SOAP/Exception.pm
W3C::SOAP::Exception::XML in lib/W3C/SOAP/Exception.pm
Changes for version 0.07
    • Merge pull request #5 from jonathanstowe/5.18.1-fix (Ivan Wills)
    • Move complex type name fixup into complex_types builder (Jonathan Stowe)
    • Added sufficient laziness for it to work on 5.18.1 (Jonathan Stowe)
    • Revert "Merge branch 'perl5.18-fix-lazy' of github.com:jonathanstowe/W3C-SOAP into 5.18.1-fix" (Jonathan Stowe)
    • Merge branch 'perl5.18-fix-lazy' of github.com:jonathanstowe/W3C-SOAP into 5.18.1-fix (Jonathan Stowe)
    • Fixed abstracts to match spec per http://neilb.org/2014/02/19/compliant-abstract.html (Ivan Wills)
    • Adding tag files (Ivan Wills)
    • work on Rabbit (Ivan Wills)
    • Fixed whitespace (Ivan Wills)
    • merged in master (Ivan Wills)
    • Removed to unused attributes (Ivan Wills)
    • Removed unused function (Ivan Wills)
    • Added test to confirm that unqualified and qualified elements are correctly re-inflated (Ivan Wills)
    • Minor code tidy up (Ivan Wills)

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