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Changes for version 0.88

  • fixed permanent accumulation of data for constant functions
  • made ::Drain::Flatened tolerant against duplicates


Structure of internal rule tree


Export, Import, and AUTOLOAD under an OO interface
Base class for subroutine generators
Base class for generating constant functions
Generate constant functions with enumerated values
Generate constant functions with manually set flatened values
Generate constant functions with their names as lowered values
Generate constant functions with random values
Subroutines from the same package after END
Minimal generator for anonymous subroutines
Hardwire one argument in the name of the subroutine
strip subroutines while loading a package
Automatically created accessors and mutators
Require .pl files containing subroutine definitions from a directory of the same name as the package
Subroutines from the same package in a different file
Subroutines from a DB file of the same name as the package
AUTOLOAD interactive (write missing subroutines as the running program encounters them)
Store your subroutines in a database
Issue the right 'use MODULE' to get the missing subroutine
Attempt an 'require MODULE' for a missing MODULE::subroutine
Delayed object construction through a helper object.
less features, less code
a base class for package objects
Partitions the search path for rules
Also match the package name
Make a rule ineffective
The class behind $_[0]


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in lib/Package/Transporter/Generator/Potential/Suggested_Use/
in lib/Package/Transporter/
in lib/Package/Transporter/Hierarchy/
in lib/Package/Transporter/Hierarchy/
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