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Google::PageRank - Query google pagerank of page


 use Google::PageRank;
 my $pr = Google::PageRank->new;
 print $pr->get(''), "\n";


The Google::PageRank is a class implementing a interface for querying google pagerank.

To use it, you should create Google::PageRank object and use its method get(), to query page rank of URL.

It uses LWP::UserAgent for making request to Google.


$gpr = Google::PageRank->new(%options);

This method constructs a new Google::PageRank object and returns it. Key/value pair arguments may be provided to set up the initial state. The following options correspond to attribute methods described below:

   KEY                     DEFAULT
   -----------             --------------------
   agent                   "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; GoogleToolbar 2.0.111-big; Windows XP 5.1)"
   proxy                   undef
   host                    ""

agent specifies the header 'User-Agent' when querying Google. If the proxy option is passed in, requests will be made through specified poxy. proxy is the host which serve requests from Googlebar.


$pr = $gpr->get('');

Queries Google for a specified pagerank URL and returns pagerank. If query successfull, integer value from 0 to 10 returned. If query fails for some reason (google unreachable, url does not begin from 'http://', undefined url passed) it return undef.


If you find any, please report ;)


Yuri Karaban <>.

Algorithm of computing checksum taken from mozilla module pagerankstatus by Stephane Queraud <>.


Copyright 2004, Yuri Karaban, All Rights Reserved.

You may use, modify, and distribute this package under the same terms as Perl itself.