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Thomas Klausner
ZMQx::Class - OO Interface to ZMQ
ZMQx::Class::Socket - A ZMQ Socket
Changes for version 0.005
    • removed ZMQx::Class::AnyEvent in favour of $socket->anyevent_watcher (Thomas Klausner)
    • implemented $socket->send($string) (Thomas Klausner)
    • croak if cannot bind/connect (Thomas Klausner)
    • inproc push/pull (Thomas Klausner)
    • better fork safety (Klaus Ita)
    • use fd internally (Klaus Ita)
    • started with docs, added a pub/sub example (Thomas Klausner)
    • deprecated receive_multipart(), replaced by receive() (Thomas Klausner)
    • removed wait_for_message (suggested by Marc Lehmann) (Thomas Klausner)
    • removed receive_all_multipart_messages (Thomas Klausner)
    • proper & working implementation of receive_multipart (Thomas Klausner)
    • aded get_events (Thomas Klausner)

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