Distributions Which Depend on Data-Entropy
Release Uploaded
Dancer2-Plugin-Passphrase-3.0.2 Passphrases and Passwords as objects for Dancer2 10 Mar 2015 12:53:08 GMT
Crypt-Diceware-0.005 Random passphrase generator loosely based on the Diceware algorithm 15 Jul 2014 16:58:38 GMT
Passwords-0.01 Provides an easy to use API for the creation and management of passwords in a secure manner 04 May 2014 09:52:18 GMT
Dancer-Plugin-Passphrase-2.0.1 Passphrases and Passwords as objects for Dancer 09 Feb 2014 13:21:36 GMT
Authen-Passphrase-0.008 hashed passwords/passphrases as objects 04 Feb 2012 14:08:39 GMT