XAO Web Developer, dynamic content building suite


Fast text collection for XAO::Objects::Page
XAO Web Developer, dynamic content building suite
Apache XAO handler
XAO adapter for Plack
CGI interface for XAO::Web
base class to access site context
base for mode-dependant displayable objects
benchmarking helper
Retrieves parameter from CGI environment
clipboard value retrieval object.
allows to check various conditions
XAO::Web site configuration object
cookies manipulations
XAO::Web date dysplayable object
debug helper object
core object of XAO::Web rendering system
XAO::Web front end object for XAO::FS
support for HTML forms
simple HTML footer
Simple HTML header
class for agent (i.e. browser) identification.
class for user identification and verification
executes given template and sends results via e-mail
calculate and output a value
building all sorts of menus
Multi page navigation display
core object of XAO::Web rendering system
browser redirection object
XAO::Web Database Search
sets base object arguments
Simple styler object
plain text tables
displays base, active and secure URLs
Miscellaneous utility displayable functions
utilities for plug-ins installation
helps apache pre-load most popular XAO modules
templates caching and retrieving module
base class for easier XAO::Web project testing


in misc/samplesite/testcases/
in misc/samplesite/testcases/