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NAME - setup script for amon2


    % MyApp

        --flavor=Basic      basic flavour (default)
        --flavor=Lite       Amon2::Lite flavour (need to install)
        --flavor=Minimum    minimalistic flavour for benchmarking
        --flavor=Standalone CPAN uploadable web application(EXPERIMENTAL)

        --vc=Git         setup the git repository (default)

        --list-flavors (or -l) Shows the list of flavors installed

        --help   Show this help


This is a setup script for Amon2. is highly extensible. You can write your own flavor.


You can specify --flavor option multiple times. For example, you can type like following:

    % --flavor=Basic --flavor=Teng MyApp

    % --flavor=Teng,Basic MyApp

Second flavor can overwrite files generated by first flavor.


Tokuhiro Matsuno