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Changes for version 1.102912 - 2011-02-25


flexible, OO, asynchronous process spawning and management
sets up default delegate name/builder mappings
role representing a delegate
represents a completed subprocess run
role that delegates on the Done class must implement
store the output generated by a handle while the process was running
store leftover wbuf/rbuf from running Handle
thread state through the job/run/done lifecycle
done delegate for a job that can time out
wrappers around AnyEvent::Subprocess to save typing in simple cases
AnyEvent::Handle subclass with some additional methods for AnyEvent::Subprocess
role representing a runnable job
role that delegates on the Job class must implement
call callbacks for each job/run/done step
capture the data that comes in via a handle
provide a condvar to indicate completion
share a filehandle or socket with the child
monitor a handle for input and invoke callbacks with that input
give the child a pseudo-terminal
Kill a subprocess if it takes too long
paramaterized role consumed by classes that have delegates
represents a running subprocess
delegate on the running process class
the Running part of the Callback delegate
Running part of the CaptureHandle delegate
Running part of the CompletionCondvar delegate
Running part of the Handle delegate
Running part of the MonitorHandle delegate
Running part of Timeout delegate
MooseX::Types used internally