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Changes for version 1.2

  • INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: screenshots are now decoded and are no longer in base64 (or data urls), but a biary png image.
  • INCOMPAITBLE CHANGE: this module now uses the second key table from the spec which contains shifted variants of the keys, which allows for shifted characters and to distinguish between e.g. left and right Alt keys, but causes some key names to change.
  • docfix: ->move does not have a button argument.
  • docfix: keyUp/keyDown are really key_up and key_down.
  • ->move now truncates coordinates to integers.
  • clarify documentation here and there.
  • added untested print method from webdriver2 draft.
  • parse the special keys at runtime, only when required, directly. from a pasted copy form the spec, to ease maintenance and reduce initial memory usage.


control browsers using the W3C WebDriver protocol