Changes for version 0.55 - 2014-03-01

  • Receipts: skip re-send if this jabber account is offline
  • Bugfix: properly clear the disconnected callback
  • add repository information to META file


An implementation of the XMPP Protocol
XMPP Client abstraction
"XML" stream that implements the XEP-0114
XML stream that implements the XMPP RFC 3920.
Error class hierarchy for error reporting
Some exception was thrown somewhere
IQ authentication error
In-band registration error
SASL authentication error
XML Stream errors
Extension baseclass and documentation
XEP-0004 DataForm
Service discovery manager class for XEP-0030
Service discovery info
Service discovery items
Implements XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat
XEP-0066 Out of Band Data
Implementation of XMPP Ping XEP-0199
Implements XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe
XEP-0184 message receipts
Handle for in band registration
Handles all tasks of in band registration
VCards (XEP-0054 & XEP-0084)
Software version
Extendable baseclass
Instant messaging account
"XML" stream that implements the XMPP RFC 3921.
Instant messaging roster contact
A delayed "XML" stanza
Instant message
Instant messaging roster for XMPP
XMPP namespace collection and aliasing class
XML node tree helper for the parser.
Parser for XML streams (helper for AnyEvent::XMPP)
Low level TCP/TLS connection
XMPP Test Client for tests
Utility functions for AnyEvent::XMPP
"XML" writer for XMPP


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