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Changes for version 0.05

    • the output has changed and so has the workflow too much to explain here, but trust me, it is better
    • added the `--n` arg to the `collect` command which will fork $n processes to collect the set of files with violations
      • added interactive "pause" feature for when you are *NOT* running under `--n`
    • added `--blame` flag to the `process` command to display the git blame stats around the violation line
    • adding a `clean` command to check to see if any files, which are slated to be fixed, have been deleted or not.
    • track the git SHA of HEAD when critique is first started
    • added new configuration variables
      • DATA_DIR
        • to specify the name of the directory to store the session data in (defaults to ".critique")
      • DATA_FILE
        • to specify the name of the file used to store the session data in (default to "session.json")
    • added a Rewriter feature which will attempt to re-write a violation if possible
      • this is currently not well documented, but should improve in the next few releases
    • make path display more consistent by always showing it from the root of the git checkout even if our working directory is below it
    • the `process` command will die unless you have an editor set up yet.


An incremental refactoring tool for Perl powered by Perl::Critic
Command base class for App::Critique
Clean up the set of file for the current critique session
Collect set of files for current critique session
Initialize critique session file
Critique all the files.
Remove critique session files
Display status of the current critique session.
Tutorial about how to use critique
UI elements for App::Critique
Session interface for App::Critique
Information about file processed by App::Critique