Changes for version 1.016 - 2016-10-07

  • BREAKING CHANGE: fetchware now manually changes its umask to 0022. This is to prevent too lenient umasks from causing fetchware's test suite to fail due to security checks failing.
    • These security checks are important, because without them other users in your group could modify your Fetchwarefiles or fetchware packages, and change the Fetchwarefile in malicious ways.
    • This should fix some CPAN Tester FAILs.
  • Fixed t/bin-fetchware-clean.t's use of cwd() instead of a tempdir(). This should fix some CPAN Tester FAILs.


Fetchware is a package manager for source code distributions.


App::Fetchware is Fetchware's API used to make extensions.
Manages App::Fetchware's internal representation of Fetchwarefiles.
Used by fetchware extensions to create their configuration options.
Used by fetchware extensions to export their API subroutines.
Helps Fetchware extensions create Fetchwarefiles.
Miscelaneous functions for App::Fetchware.
An App::Fetchware extension that downloads files based on an HTML page.
Provides testing subroutines for App::Fetchware.