A new 'theirs' merge strategy for git
The root delegator of all other gitc commands
Add the user to the current project
Archive changeset tags
Manage changeset branches
Find the branch base commit point
Cancel a changeset
Find changesets that are reachable from a list of commits
Return the current branch
Show a diff of the current changeset
Show a diff between two version tags
Show a diff of a target environment
Edit a changeset
Fail a changeset review
Return a list of changesets bound to the same issue
Show the history of a changeset
Import changeset tags
Get a list of active changesets
Show a changeset log
Open a new changeset
Pass a changeset review
Return the current project name
Promote changesets to a higher development level
Return a list of promoted changesets
Open a quickfix changeset
Rebase a changeset
Review a submitted changeset
First time user setup for a gitc project
Show a diff of a specified changeset
Get the status of the current changeset
Submit a changeset for code review
Sync up all local branches with the remote
Touch a changeset
Return a list of unpromoted changesets
Git Changesets - tools for managing your git changes


Support for Eventum ITS (Issue Tracking System)
Support for Github Issue Tracking
Support for Atlassian JIRA ITS (Issue Tracking System)
Support for RT ITS (Issue Tracking System)
Simple reversible computation for gitc
Test class for gitc
App::Gitc::Util helper
App::Gitc::Util helper
The workhorse of gitc