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Changes for version 1.042 - 2016-01-24

  • same fix for regression.t


log what you do


base of work log application
common functionality of App::JobLog commands
examine or modify App::JobLog configuration
close last open event
provides general App::JobLog information
show details of last recorded event
modify last logged event
parse a time expression
resume last closed task
show what you did during a particular period
show what tags you have used
show what has happened today
decapitate the log
controller for vacation dates
when you'll be done for the day
central depot for App::JobLog configuration parameters and controller allowing their modification
the code that lets us interact with the log
collects events and vacation in a complete day
basically adds an end time to App::JobLog::Log::Line events
pretty printer for log
encapsulates one line of log text
timestamped annotation in log
consolidates App::JobClock::Log::Event objects for display
consolidates basic time functions into one location
parse natural (English) language time expressions
controller for the vacation model
extension of App::JobLog::Log::Event to handle special properties of vacation periods