Changes for version 1.55 - 2019-06-13

  • gregor herrmann
    • fix typo in test diag()
  • Damyan Ivanov
    • fix coloring of failed pipelines (Closes: #930450)


KGB client configuration file
KGB bot configuration file
specification of the client-server communication protocol
helper script for adding new projects to kgb-bot configuration file
an IRC bot helping collaborative work
put DebCI status of maintained packages on IRC
relay commits to KGB servers
helper script for splitting out project configurations


collaborative IRC helper
KGB bot API documentation
a single file change
relay commits to KGB servers
KGB interface to CVS
Fake KGB client
Git support for KGB client
Simple message relay KGB client
server instance in KGB client
KGB interface to Subversion
a single commit
a helper class for describing tags
add color to KGB notifications
wrap in an available JSON RPC Client implementation
Perl interface to