comaint - Make someone comaint of your module on PAUSE


  comaint App::ForkProve FLORA


comaint is a command-line script to automate the process of logging in to PAUSE and making other PAUSE author as a co-maintainer of your module.

The script will automatically fetch the list of packages included in the distribution that your given module belongs to. For example, if you run:

  comaint Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxy MIYAGAWA

it will gather all packages included in the Plack-Middleware-ReverseProxy distribution, and try to make MIYAGAWA as a comaint for all of them.

The script is written in a defensive manner so that if you specify a module that you don't have a primary maintainership on, it will complain about that.

There's also a prompt before actually making someone a co-maint.


  • You have to have a CPAN mirror cache in ~/.cpanm to find the related packages. You can run `cpanm --mirror-only strict` once to get that cache.

  • Your PAUSE credentials have to be saved in ~/.pause file, the same as the one used by CPAN uploader.


Tatsuhiko Miyagawa