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Changes for version 0.010 - 2016-07-28

  • fix failing tests (RT Bug #115594)
  • Add 'exit' command as an alias for 'quit'


Command-line interface for RESTful web services


provides CLI for performing REST operations
Term::ShellUI sub-class
The REST client
Handles deserializing of HTML responses
Handles (de)serializing of JSON requests/responses
Handles (de)serializing of XML requests/responses
HTTP-related commands
Config-related commands
HTTP header-related commands
REST script-related commands
REST stash-related commands
Responsible for installing all commands
Role for command modules that have help defined
Manage configuration for a given endpoint
Role for command modules that can be installed
abstracted pretty-printer support
Term::ShellUI sub-class
Presto stash
Role that provides a pretty-printer