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NAME - a command-line interface to Hiveminder


This is a simple command-line interface to Hiveminder that loosely emulates the interface of's script.

SYNOPSIS [options] list [query] [options] add <summary> [options] edit <task-id> [summary] tag <task-id> tag1 tag2 done <task-id> del|rm <task-id> [options] unaccepted accept <task-id> decline <task-id> assign <task-id> <email> [options] requests hide <task-id> date comment <task-id> [options] download [file] upload <file> braindump [options] editdump feedback

       --group                          Operate on tasks in a group
       --tag                            Operate on tasks with a given tag
       --pri                            Operate on tasks with a given priority
       --due                            Operate on tasks due on a given day
       --hide                           Operate on tasks hidden until this day
       --owner                          Operate on tasks with a given owner list
        List all tasks in your todo list. list due before today not complete
        List tasks that are overdue. list important
        Lists tasks specified by the named search 'important'.
        For more on named searches, see the CONFIG FILE section of the perldoc --tag home --tag othertag --group personal list
        List personal tasks not in a group with tags 'home' and 'othertag'. --tag cli --group hiveminders edit 3G Implement
        Move task 3G into the hiveminders group, set its tags to
        "cli", and change the summary. --tag "" edit 4J
        Delete all tags from task 4J tag 4J home
        Add the tag 'home' to task 4J braindump
        Open up $EDITOR to braindump tasks --tag sometag editdump
        Download and edit tasks with tag 'sometag'.
        Updates tasks after $EDITOR completes. feedback
        Open up $EDITOR to send feedback


The config file (in $ENV{HOME}/.hiveminder) is YAML and contains the properties like email and password. If you ever need to reconfigure, you can edit these values or just delete the file and will reconfigure itself automatically.

To turn off colored output all the time, add the following to your config:

  color: off

Named searches can be added to the config with a snippet like the following:

    something: "due before today tag stuff"


Marc Dougherty <> added support for named queries, and queries on the command line


This software is copyright 2006-2008 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.

You may use, modify and redistribute it however you'd like to. Feel free to fold, spindle or mutilate it, too.