Changes for version 1.001008 - 2019-12-05

  • Fixed incorrect plugin priority handling on newer perls


helper script for ZofCMS web-framework/templating system


web framework and templating system for small-medium sites.
"core" part of ZofCMS - web-framework/templating system
"core" part of ZofCMS - web-framework/templating system
documentation for ZofCMS plugin authors
ZofCMS plugin to restrict pages based on user access roles
"smart" HTML escapes to protect links from not-so-smart spam bots
debugging plugin to quickly dump out query parameters and ZofCMS Template hashref
automatically delete empty keys from query parameters
automatically get image sizes and generate appropriate <img> tags
plugin to generate various bar codes
base class for App::ZofCMS plugins
very basic "uri-to-content" style LWP plugin for ZofCMS.
Plugin to let individual users manage boolean settings
add "breadcrumbs" navigation to your sites
Generic "Create Read Update Delete List" functionality
plugin for minifying CSS files
drop-in visitor comments support.
redirect users based on conditions
plugin to dynamically stuff Main Config File keys into ZofCMS Template
HTTP Cookie handling plugin for ZofCMS
ZofCMS plugin to automatically add current page URI into templates
DBI access from ZofCMS templates
simple post-processor for results of DBI plugin queries
ZofCMS plugin to output data as an Excel file
plugin to generate and "parse" <select>s for date/time input
small debugging plugin that Data::Dumper::Dumper()s interesting portions into {t}
debugging plugin for auto validating HTML
plugin to display browseable directory tree
include DOCTYPEs in your pages without remembering how to spell them
ZofCMS plugin that provides a feature suggestion box for your site
ZofCMS plugin to display lists of files
read or do() files into ZofCMS Templates
present users with pretty icons depending on file type
ZofCMS plugin to handle file uploads
plugin for protecting forms and anything else from floods (abuse)
plugin to check HTML form data.
fill HTML form elements' values.
plugin for e-mailing forms
simple insertion of query into database
plugin to obtain page titles from remote URIs
simple plugin to interface with Google calculator
Plugin to show Google Page Ranks
plugin to get times for different locations using Google
plugin to wrap content in three divs used for styling boxes
plugin to automatically create id="" attributes on <body> depending on the current page
ZofCMS plugin for sending HTML email
utility plugin to check for installed modules on the server
plugin for minifying JavaScript files
plugin to convert links in plain text into proper HTML <a> elements
easily include links to properties in CSS2.1 specification
easily include links to elements in HTML 4.01 specification
ZofCMS plugin for making navigation bars
Display HTML snippets in user-controllable, savable order
ZofCMS plugin to automagically make query parameters available in the template
drop-in "quicknote" form to email messages from your site
tiny plugin to fetch random quotes from
easily generate random passwords with an option to use md5_hex from Digest::MD5 on them | Pure perl solution
plugin for flexible sending of files as well as files outside of web-accessible directory
plugin for storing data across requests
plugin for generating a <select> for "price range" out of arbitrary range of prices.
ZofCMS plugin that redirects the user to a page choosen by the user
CSS Style switcher plugin
plugin to execute a subroutine, i.e. sub with priority setting
provide syntax highlighted CSS code snippets on your site
provide HTML code snippets on your site
Table of Contents building plugin for ZofCMS
generate "tag clouds"
ZofCMS plugin to fill templates with data from query, template variables and configuration using <TAGS>
restrict access to pages based on user accounts
UserLogin plugin suppliment for changing user passwords
addon plugin that adds functionality to let users reset passwords
plugin for people with bad memory to include Valid HTML/Valid CSS links pointing to validators
CRUD-type plugin to manage YouTube videos
"core" part of ZofCMS - web-framework/templating system
test module for testing ZofCMS plugins