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Changes for version 0.66

  • Replace JSON::XS with JSON


An apt-like Github utility.
Github API class
clone/update all repositories from one
clone repository
quick commit process (show status, diff, then commitCloneall)
drop a repository.
fork current repository.
help command.
create and import a repository, or add a remote for an existing one.
show repository info
issues. (show/list/edit/comment)
comment to the issue.
create or edit issue.
show list of issues.
list repository from one.
create GitHub gh-page
pull changes from other forks.
pull request. (show/list/send)
show list of pull requests.
pull request of current branch.
show the pull request.
push changes to writable github remotes
show recent status.
search repositories
setup command
remote update --prune
upload file to github.
Perl interface to the App::gh::Git version control system


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