App::gh::Command::Pull - pull changes from other forks.


First you show up all fork network:

    $ gh network

Then you can pull changes from one:

    $ gh pull [id] (from branch) (to branch)

For example:

    $ gh pull gugod

This will create a gugod-master branch:



    create tracked branch for fork.


    merge changes from fork.

Github Steps:

Step 1: Check out a new branch to test the changes — run this from your project directory

    git checkout -b chocolateboy-optional_dep_and_warnings_fixes master

Step 2: Bring in chocolateboy's changes and test

    git pull optional_dep_and_warnings_fixes

Step 3: Merge the changes and update the server

    git checkout master
    git merge chocolateboy-optional_dep_and_warnings_fixes
    git push origin master

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