Changes for version 1.00

  • Updated copyright year. Added SEE ALSO section to POD. Make Build.PL autogenerate README from POD. Add configure_requires to Build.PL. Use /usr/bin/env perl shebang to play nice with perlbrew.

Changes for version 0.99_04

  • Move from deprecated Module::Build::ModuleInfo to Module::Metadata.

Changes for version 0.99_03

  • Added missing Test::Command to build_requires. Remove "no package found" hacks: new Pod::Weaver handles this fine.

Changes for version 0.99_02

  • Added optional configuration file for command-line defaults. Added basic tests for the command-line script.

Changes for version 0.99_01

  • Initial release.


Run Pod::Weaver on a file or distribution.


Run Pod::Weaver on the files within a distribution.