Changes for version 0.06

  • Update 0.05 Changes to conform to spec
  • Sync module pod with recent changes in script
  • Move script to bin/wsgetmail
  • Declare Perl v5.10 minimum version
  • Set minimum Perl version for the dist
  • Add debug output for unsuccessful responses
  • Add instruction to select Application permissions
  • Move configuration instructions to App::wsgetmail
  • Generate from App::wsgetmail
  • Remove version from pod
  • Update with pod from
  • Add documention for command_timeout config value
  • Add vim and config to gitignore and manifest skip
  • Fix default values for attributes
  • Correct indent spacing in
  • Move config_fields array into BUILDARGS sub
  • Add comments about BUILDARGS for object attributes


get mail from cloud webservices


Fetch mail from the cloud using webservices
Deliver mail to another command's standard input
Fetch mail from Microsoft 365
Low-level client to the Microsoft Graph API