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Changes for version 0.18 - 2017-11-14

  • Add minimum version for dependencies
  • Adds missing dependencies to cpanfile
  • Switch from Try::Tiny to Try::Catch


Starts an Argon manager service
Starts an Argon worker service


Simple, fast, and flexible distributed computing
A tied condvar that calls recv on FETCH
Line protocol API for non-blocking sockets
Client-side connection class for Argon systems
Constants used by Argon classes
Role providing methods and attributes to encrypt Argon::Message traffic
Simple logging wrapper
Entry-point Argon service providing intelligent task routing
routines for serializing messages
Encodable message structure used for cross-system coordination
Bounded, prioritized queue class
Encrypted Argon::Channel
Base class for Argon server objects
Utilities for concisely writing Argon client applications
Base interface for Argon-runnable tasks
Utilities used by Argon's tests
Internal class used to track node capacity
TypeConstraints used by Argon classes
Utilities used in Argon classes
Argon worker node providing capacity to an Argon::Manager


in scratch/