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Changes for version 0.19

  • Major documentation bump and code examples

Changes for version 0.18_18

  • Add all the functionnalities for an artwork to be bought by a collective of investors with appropriate paiement and funds repartition
  • Collective became a role with members, not a class
  • Fixing #84 using a proper clearer and a writer for setting up the Artwork's owner properly when selling
  • Fixing all kind of issues related to artwork buying and selling
  • Fixing a bug in artwork selling transaction where the seller was taken the price they should be given
  • Moved the postderef feature imports inside of Art::World::Util package
  • Fixing POD headers levels in Art::World::Util
  • Updating cpanfile snapshot
  • Adding detailed documentation about the methods
  • Adding a Test::Art::World utility Moo class
  • Suppressing tests plans

Changes for version 0.18_17

  • Creating a Art::World::Util::Time class based on Time::Moment for time manipulation matters
  • Removing the repetitive Faker use from the tests and using the Art::World::Util::Person class
  • Replacing Types::XSD DateTime's by Time::Moment for performances reasons
  • Transfering the Meta utils doc to the appropriate module
  • Missing postderef feature in Art::World::Util and tests
  • Fixing documentation syntax

Changes for version 0.18_16

  • Fixing forgotten dependency

Changes for version 0.18_15

  • Collection and buying of artworks now got a clearer behavior
  • Working on the Buyer role
  • Working on the Market role
  • Market documentation
  • Geologic analogy documentation
  • Moving all the utils that are not directly related to Art::World entities to Art::World::Util
  • Adding an Identity role with name and id attributes
  • Using Try::Tiny, not Syntax::Keyword::Try
  • Adding the Geologic Comparision documentation

Changes for version 0.18_14

  • Adding a default owner for Artworks
  • An Artwork can now properly have an owner change
  • Properly importing Syntax::Keyword::Try and listing DBD::SQLite as a dependency
  • Fixing a typo in the Art::World::Util documentation

Changes for version 0.18_13

  • Improving tests by explicitely importing the lib directory and suppression some non-sense modules "use"

Changes for version 0.18_12

  • Fixing imports of postderef feature for oldest Perls
  • removing Data::Printing stuff

Changes for version 0.18_11

  • Trying to downgrade more

Changes for version 0.18_10

  • Trying to downgrade minimum Perl version to 5.20.0

Changes for version 0.18_09

  • Adding more code examples
  • Add links to the news from
  • Refactoring the links to images on main branch since it got renamed
  • Adding missing test dependencies to cpanfile

Changes for version 0.18_08

  • Better MANIFEST.SKIF rules
  • Adding minimum Perl version in cpanfile

Changes for version 0.18_07

  • Working on table of entities diagram in the Art::World::Manual
  • Fixing POD errors
  • Renamed master branch to main because fuck that shit
  • Updating the description of the project
  • Did a lot of cleaning in MANIFEST, skipped files and .gitignore

Changes for version 0.18_06

  • Testing the Crud role
  • Adding some useful Util methods like generating fake names or random int in a range
  • Renaming CONTRIBUTORS section to ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS and sorting people by contribution date
  • Upgrading the awesome Data::Printer module to the v1.0 version

Changes for version 0.18_05

  • Adding a test database
  • Generating a proper markdown README
  • Add Documentation about how to regenerate the distribution
  • Adding a MOTIVATIONS section in the documentation

Changes for version 0.18_04

  • Expanding bump_fame with polymorphism thanks to the multi method technic (agl)

Changes for version 0.18_03

  • Adding homepage in metadata

Changes for version 0.18_02

  • Trying App::ModuleBuildTiny
  • Removing Minilla

Changes for version 0.18_01 - 2021-02-02

  • Writing documentation about the Artist
  • Editing the project repository metadata


A programming clay


Modeling of creative processes
Generating all kind of data for the Art::World