Changes for version 0.129 - 2023-03-11

  • Add 53807 Bluewalker 3 to canned magnitudes.
  • Conditionalize canned magnitude test on environment variable so it does not run every time I want to do an authortest.
  • Correct handling of Celestrak-format JSON TLE data. This mostly involved the OBJECT_ID (International designator), and the fact that Celestrak does not provide EPOCH_MICROSECONDS, instead merging it into the EPOCH item as an ISO date/time with a decimal fraction on the end.


Overview of Astro::Coord::ECI and friends
Predict satellite passes over an observer.


Manipulate geocentric coordinates
Provide common methods without multiple inheritance.
Compute the position of the Moon.
Compute the position of a star.
Compute the position of the Sun.
Compute satellite locations using NORAD orbit propagation models
Represent a set of data for the same ID.
Utility routines for astronomical calculations