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Changes for version 0.090007

  • Escape unescaped { chars in regexps to avoid deprecation warnings


transform files between signature syntax versions


transform files between signature syntax versions
EXPERIMENTAL Babel-like for perl


in lib/Babble/Filter.pm
in lib/Babble/Grammar.pm
in lib/Babble/Match.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/CoreSignatures.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/DefinedOr.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/PostfixDeref.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/SKT.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/Sigify.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/State.pm
in lib/Babble/Plugin/SubstituteAndReturn.pm
in lib/Babble/PluginChain.pm
in lib/Babble/SubMatch.pm
in lib/Babble/SymbolGenerator.pm