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App::sigfix - transform files between signature syntax versions


    sigfix [OPTIONS] [FILES]
      sigfix -t signatures perl526file >perl528file
      sigfix -t oldsignatures perl528file >perl526file
      sigfix -t plain perlfile >perl58file
      sigfix -i -t signatures upgradethisfile
      sigfix -t signatures --pmc lib/My/ >lib/My/Module.pmc
      sigfix -i -t signatures --pmc lib/My/
      sigfix -i --pmc eval $(find lib -name '*.pm') # multi-target fat pmc
      -t, --target     Target: 'signatures', 'oldsignatures', 'plain'
      -i, --inplace    Modify target file(s) in place
      --pmc            Generate .pmc (without -t, triple target pmc)
      -h               This usage message