create-backpan-index - create an index for a local BackPAN mirror


 create-backpan-index   -basedir E<lt>pathE<gt>
                      [ -releases-only | -r ]
                      [ -output E<lt>filenameE<gt> | -o E<lt>filenameE<gt> ]
                      [ -order dist | age | author ]


create-backpan-index will generate an index for a local BackPAN mirror. The basic usage is:

 % create-backpan-index -basedir /usr/local/backpan \
                        -releases-only              \
                        -o backpan-index.txt

The script supports the following arguments.

-basedir path

Specifies the path to the top of your BackPAN repository.

-releases-only | -r

By default the index will contain all files in your BackPAN repository. With this option, the index will only include the release tarballs / zip files.

-output filename | -o filename

The path to write the index in. If not specified, the index will be written to standard output.

-order dist | age | author

Specifies in what order the files should be included in the index. There are three options:

  • dist

    Order by distribution, and then by increasing date. This means you can process the index dist by dist, and for a given dist you'll see them in order from oldest dist to most recent. This is the default ordering.

    This makes most sense when used with the -releases-only option.

  • age

    Order by age of the file. If you generate the full index (ie not just release tarballs), then you'll see all files from oldest to most recent, regardless of what distribution they come from.

  • author

    Ordered by author name (the author who did the release), and then by the release file name. This means that within each author you'll see all files associated with a particular release togethr.


BackPAN::Index::Create - the module that provides the functionality for this script.

BackPAN::Index - an interface to an alternate BackPAN index.

CPAN Testers BackPAN - one of the BackPAN mirrors. It provides four different indexes that are generated using this module. The script used to generate these can be found in the examples directory of this distribution.



Neil Bowers <>


This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Neil Bowers <>.

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