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Changes for version 0.09 - 2021-07-23

  • Add instructions for running pools as systemd services.
  • Update install instructions for Mosquitto broker.
  • Honor PATH and PERL5LIB environment variables.
  • Add links to live examples.


Start, restart or stop worker pools
Display log entries generated by worker pools
Gracefully restart pool of workers
Display real-time performance metrics of running workers


Framework for building applications with a microservices architecture
AnyEvent customizations
Make RPC calls through message bus
Read configuration files
Representation of JSON-RPC objects
Representation of a JSON-RPC error
Representation of a JSON-RPC notification
Representation of a JSON-RPC request
Representation of a JSON-RPC response
Default logger used by worker processes
Asynchronous MQTT 5.0 client
Buffer log entries
Route messages between backend and frontend buses
Handle unserviced call topics
Worker pool supervisor
Base class for creating services
Remote client session handling
Locally mirrored shared cache
Start, restart or stop worker pools
Daemonize processes