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Changes for version 0.08

  • Adjust path to helper header file [FROGGS] Require newer Alien::Box2D [FROGGS]


2D Physics Library
An axis aligned bounding box.
A rigid body.
Holds all the data needed to construct a rigid body.
A circle shape.
Manages contact between two shapes.
Contact impulses for reporting.
Implement this class to get contact information.
Constrains two bodies at a fixed distance.
Distance joint definition.
This holds contact filtering data.
Used to attach a shape to a body for collision detection.
Used to create a fixture.
Provides translational and angular friction.
Friction joint definition.
Connects two joints together.
Gear joint definition.
Base joint class.
Used to construct joints.
Provides two degrees of freedom: translation along an axis and rotation in the plane.
Line joint definition.
Manifold for two touching convex shapes.
Holds the mass data computed for a shape.
A 2-by-2 matrix.
Vector and matrix functions.
Make a point on a body track a specified point.
Mouse joint definition.
A convex polygon.
Provides one degree of freedom: translation along an axis.
Prismatic joint definition.
Connects two bodies and two ground points.
Pulley joint definition.
Callback class for ray casts.
Ray-cast input data.
Ray-cast output data.
Constrains two bodies to share a common point.
Revolute joint definition.
Used for collision detection.
Contains translation and rotation.
A 2D column vector.
Glues two bodies together.
Weld joint definition.
Manages all aspects of the simulation.


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