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Changes for version 0.0022

  • promoted to a "stable" release

Changes for version 0.00_21

  • fixed t/002_cpf_test.t and t/015_pis_rand.t which did "BEGIN { use_ok }" before setting the plan

Changes for version 0.00_20

  • 11 in 27 states supported in Business::BR::IE
  • added support for IE/BA

Changes for version 0.00_19

  • 10 in 27 states (37.0%) supported in Business::BR::IE
  • added support for IE-AM

Changes for version 0.00_18

  • 9 in 27 states (33.3%) supported in Business::BR::IE
  • added support for IE-MG

Changes for version 0.00_17

  • 8 in 27 states (29.6%) supported in Business::BR::IE
  • added support for IE-AP

Changes for version 0.00_16

  • in canon_*(), instead of stripping all non-digits, alphanumeric characters are preserved
  • canon_ie_*() for each of the 27 states (untested)

Changes for version 0.00_15

  • 7 in 27 states (25.9%) supported in Business::BR::IE
  • added support for IE-RO

Changes for version 0.00_14

  • the check equation for IE-AL was wrong: this releases fixes the bug - the problem was test sample too small

Changes for version 0.00_13

  • one more id: the PIS number
  • new files: "lib/Business/BR/" and two tests "t/*_pis_*.t"

Changes for version 0.00_12

  • added support for IE-RR
  • Scalar::Util 1.11 is needed (this is the release which introduces "looks_like_number")

Changes for version 0.00_11

  • added support for IE-MA

Changes for version 0.00_10

  • 4 in 27 states (14.8%) supported in Business::BR::IE
  • added support for IE-AL
  • "t/001_dot.t" now works for other Perls < 5.008
  • _dot now deals with untrue's avoiding to do a computation which would throw a warning
  • _flatten in Business::BR::Ids::Common renamed to _canon_i
  • references to 'flatten' renamed to 'canon'
  • test, flatten, parse, format, random in Business::BR::Ids renamed to test_id, flatten_id, parse_id, format_id, random_id: no more issues with clash with core 'format' and functions names are better: not so general and yet short

Changes for version 0.00_09

  • new test script "t/014_ie_parse.t"
  • parse_ie() in Business::BR:IE
  • tests added for IE-AC (test, flatten, format, random)
  • support for IE-AC (Acre)
  • fixed a typo in Business::BR::Biz
  • "t/007_ids_test.t" now includes testing IE
  • pale additions to Business::BR::Ids docs

Changes for version 0.00_08

  • 0.00_07 was not indexed by CPAN: maybe it was because of files that changed but didn't have their versions incremented
  • the bug below was fixed by explicit "scalar" conversions
  • a bug slipped when semantics of _dv_*() changed, allowing to reduce the code of random_*(). But then, instead of knowing only about scalar context, random_*() returned the check digits on list context (like in "print random_cnpj()"

Changes for version 0.00_07

  • the IE functions were made case-insensitive ('MG' works the same as 'mg')
  • added IE handling for PR state (test, flatten, format, random, and parse)
  • introduced _flatten in Business::BR::Ids::Common, avoiding the redundant code of the various flatten_*() methods
  • changed semantics of calling _dv_*() in scalar context - instead of returning a concatenation of the check digits, it returns a complete entity with check digits in (in IE-SP the check digits are the ninth and 12nd - so that the concatenation of check digits is good for nothing)

Changes for version 0.00_06

  • added tests for Business::BR::IE
  • added IE handling for SP state (test, flatten, format, and random)

Changes for version 0.00_05

  • Deprecates Business::BR::Biz (waiting for the move of its content somewhere else)
  • README file revised
  • first revision to POD in Business::BR::CNPJ
  • new test "t/009_cnpj_rand.t"
  • random_cnpj() in Business::BR::CNPJ
  • test scripts renamed (eg. "t/dot.t" to "t/001_dot.t")
  • random() in Business::BR::Ids
  • new test "t/008_cpf_rand.t"
  • random_cpf() in Business::BR::CPF
  • introduced flatten() and parse() to Business::BR::Ids with a small refactoring avoiding redundant code
  • fixed synopsis of Business::BR::Ids
  • test for _dot() with @a < @b now works for $] < 5.8
  • fixed broken links at Business::BR, I hope

Changes for version 0.00_04

  • I thought about letting MakeMaker generate META.yml automatically again - but it does not generate the 'author' and 'licence' keys which CPAN uses - so I insist on that
  • distribution renamed to Business-BR-Ids reflecting the orientation of this set of files to deal with identification codes (CPF, CNPJ for now)
  • added test "t/ids_test.t"
  • added Business::BR::Ids as a generic entry point for dealing with Brazilian identification entities

Changes for version 0.00_03

  • tests "t/*_cpf.t" renamed to "t/cpf_*.t"
  • added new module Business::BR::CNPJ but POD is not finished and tests aren't provided (except for a partial "t/cnpj_test.t")
  • the heart of the distribution goes to Business::BR::Biz
  • "_dot" goes to Business::BR::Biz::Common
  • the ABSTRACT fix of the previous version was not enough for correct CPAN display - now using a META.yml with 'abstract' key
  • Adam Kennedy pointed that the general CPAN convention for naming distributions would suggest Business-BR instead of biz-br: I would like to stick to this distribution name to mean a partial bundle of Business::BR::* modules I will be authoring

Changes for version 0.00_02

  • fixed the missing ABSTRACT
  • added flatten_cpf(), format_cpf(), parse_cpf() to Business::BR::CPF
  • added corresponding tests

Changes for version 0.00_01

  • Business::BR::CPF provides test_cpf()
  • submitted to CPAN


Root for namespace of Brazilian business-related modules
DEPRECATED (was: Modules for Brazilian business-related subjects)
Perl module to test for correct CNPJ numbers
Perl module to test for correct CPF numbers
Perl module to test for correct IE numbers
Modules for dealing with Brazilian identification codes (CPF, CNPJ, ...)
Common code used in Business-BR-Ids modules
Perl module to test for correct PIS numbers