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Changes for version 0.12 - 2014-12-08

  • No functional changes.
    • Now it requires Exporter 5.57, because we import the import() function instead of inheritance.
    • Now it requires perl 5.8.0 (previously it was 5.10.0, but in fact I didn't use any feature in 5.10.0).
    • Now it requires autovivification 0.14 for bug fix of RT#99458. It drops dependency on EV.


BusyBird runner script
how to configure BusyBird
advanced topics about configuring BusyBird
Status object specification
Tutorial to use BusyBird
Web API reference


a multi-level Web-based timeline viewer
configuration holder for BusyBird
common utilities about status filters
filters for statuses imported from Twitter
CPS data flow with concurrency regulation
status generator
simple logging infrastructure for BusyBird
main application object of BusyBird
PSGI controller for BusyBird::Main
view renderer for BusyBird::Main
BusyBird process runner
a wrapper of a complex data structure to access its internals safely
interface for status storage objects
common partial implementation of StatusStorage
Simple status storage in the process memory
status storage in SQLite database
Test routines for StatusStorage
a timeline object in BusyBird
utility functions for BusyBird
interface for watcher objects


in lib/BusyBird/Watcher/