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Changes for version 0.05

  • BUGS
    • Fixed Callable's broken handling of void argument lists.
    • Boolean precedent was not being handled correctly. Since Perl always returns the last evaluated statement, this wasn't actually a problem. However, if any new code was added, it would be, so Perl 5.20 started to warn. That broke tests. Precedence is fixed and everything works again.



Full C JIT compiling using the Tiny C Compiler
A C::TinyCompiler-based foreign function interface, i.e. C-functions callable from Perl
Enabling Perl's full C-API in your C::TinyCompiler context
Perl's array C-API
A light-weight interface to Perl's croak and warn
Enabling stretchy buffers in your context
base module for C::TinyCompiler packages


in lib/C/TinyCompiler/Perl/
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