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Changes for version 2.09

  • CTK::Daemon: deleted outer eval construction for the run method


The CTKlib projects maker


CTK ToolKit library (CTKlib)
Application interface
Command line interface
Utilities to extend common UNIX commands
Config::General structure utility functions
Configuration of CTK
Cryptography frontend module
GPG Crypt backend
TCD04 Crypt backend
Database independent interface for CTKlib
Abstract class to implement Daemons
CTK Digest base class
FNV32a Digest calculation for short strings
interface for modulus 11 (recursive) check digit calculation
The Pid File simple interface
Helper for building CTK scripts. CLI user interface
CTK Logging
Base class for CTK plugins writing
Archive plugin
CLI plugin
Configuration plugin
Cryptography plugin
FTP plugin
File plugin
Logger plugin
Net plugin
SFTP plugin
Test plugin as example for Your plugins
Base class for serialization perl structures
Helper for building project's skeletons
Common skeleton for CTK::Helper
Daemon project skeleton for CTK::Helper
Extra project skeleton for CTK::Helper
Module project skeleton for CTK::Helper
Regular project skeleton for CTK::Helper
Tiny project skeleton for CTK::Helper
True & False values conversions
Provides execute the code reference wrapped with timeout
CTK Utilities
CTK XS Utilities
Singleton CTK extension


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