Changes for version 0.06 - 2021-10-18

    • Number::Grid::overlay_n compard range extrema as strings instead of numbers. Ooops.
    • The edges argument to Number::Grid->new can take a Number::Sequence object


A namespace for modules which deal with numbers.
A class representing a one dimensional numeric grid
CXC::Number::Sequence Exceptions
Role to return Math::BigFloats
Role to return PDL objects
Type::Tiny types for CXC::Number::Grid
Numerical Sequence Generation
CXC::Number::Sequence Exceptions
CXC::Number::Sequence with arbitrary values
Numeric Sequence with Equal Spacing
Numeric Sequence with Relative Fractional Spacing
Role to return Math::BigFloats from Sequences
Role to return PDL objects from Sequences
Type::Tiny types for CXC::Number::Sequence
Utilities for CXC::Number::Sequence generators
Type::Tiny types for CXC::Number