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Changes for version 2.403.7 - 2022-07-29

  • = POD rewrite release
  • ? move landing page examples in own category, independent from test script runs
  • ? reduce references to gone modules in Chart.pm POD
  • ? clearify some bits in POD
  • ? several final touches on types manual page and example images
  • ! fix sub title in manual demo of pie chart
  • ! bad dates, typos in Changes


Chart user documentation index
complete guide to Chart's changeable properties
all chart types by example
different ways to create charts


a series of charting modules
read only single color holding objects
access values of color constants
check, convert and measure color values
managing properties of a chart
read only single font holding objects


in lib/Chart/Bars.pm
in lib/Chart/Composite.pm
in lib/Chart/Direction.pm
in lib/Chart/ErrorBars.pm
in lib/Chart/HorizontalBars.pm
in lib/Chart/Lines.pm
in lib/Chart/LinesPoints.pm
in lib/Chart/Mountain.pm
in lib/Chart/Pareto.pm
in lib/Chart/Pie.pm
in lib/Chart/Points.pm
in lib/Chart/Split.pm
in lib/Chart/StackedBars.pm