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List of Makable Method Types
History of Class::MakeMethods
Sample Declarations and Usage
About Class::MakeMethods
Survey of Class Builders
Ideas, problems, and suggestions
Test harness with recursive directory search


Generate common types of methods
Declare generated subs with attribute syntax
Declare generated subs with AUTOLOAD
Make really simple methods
Basic array methods
Basic shared methods
Basic hash methods
Make extensible compound methods
Composite hash methods
Demonstrate class-generator equivalency
Emulate Class::Accessor::Fast
Emulate Class::Inheritable
Emulate Class::MethodMaker
Emulate Class::Singleton
Emulate Class::Struct
Emulate the accessors module
Emulate the mcoder module
Make methods with simple string evals
Typical hash methods
Make common object accessors
Methods for Array objects
Standard hash methods
Extensible code templates
Methods for manipulating positional values in arrays
Associate information with a package
Static methods with subclass variation
Deprecated name for InsideOut
Templates for common meta-method types
Method that are not instance-dependent
Method interfaces for hash-based objects
Static methods with global variables
Universal copy and compare methods
Methods for blessed scalars
Deprecated name for Global
Deprecated name for Array
Meta-methods for any type of object
Optional Template feature
Deep copying and comparison
Basic text substitutions


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in MakeMethods/Emulator/
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