Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast - Emulate Class::Accessor::Fast


    package Foo;
    use base qw(Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast);
    Foo->mk_accessors(qw(this that whatever));
    # Meanwhile, in a nearby piece of code!
    # Emulator::AccessorFast provides new().
    my $foo = Foo->new;
    my $whatever = $foo->whatever;    # gets $foo->{whatever}
    $foo->this('likmi');              # sets $foo->{this} = 'likmi'


This module emulates the functionality of Class::Accessor::Fast, using Class::MakeMethods to generate similar methods.

You may use it directly, as shown in the SYNOPSIS above,

Furthermore, you may call use Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast '-take_namespace'; to alias the Class::Accessor::Fast namespace to this package, and subsequent calls to the original package will be transparently handled by this emulator. To remove the emulation aliasing, call use Class::MakeMethods::Emulator::AccessorFast '-release_namespace'.

Caution: This affects all subsequent uses of Class::Accessor::Fast in your program, including those in other modules, and might cause unexpected effects.


See Class::MakeMethods for general information about this distribution.

See Class::MakeMethods::Emulator for more about this family of subclasses.

See Class::Accessor::Fast for documentation of the original module.