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Changes for version 0.10 - 2014-06-07

  • Tidied up the documentation: formatting tweaks, typos, etc.
  • Fixed RT#72158 (see 0.09_01 below)
  • Fixed RT#53423 (see 0.09_01 below)
  • Min perl version set to 5.006

Changes for version 0.09_01 - 2014-06-04

  • Applied patch from Father C, which related to a change in 5.16+ to do with *{$undef}. RT#72158.
  • The duplicate methods test in t/code_smells.t was failing due to the hash randomization change in Perl 5.18. The duplicate methods table is now always sorted, to make the output deterministic.
  • Enforce case-sensitivity with command-line options, so --ignore and -I don't clash if you shorten --ignore to -i. RT#53423


Command line interface to Class::Sniff graphs.


Look for class composition code smells
cnsiff support class.