Changes for version 0.78 - 2020-04-25

  • Fix an issue with the pre-commit hook code when commit after a merge. If tidyall invoked `git stash` in the hook and there was content to stash, this would break the merge commit, leading to the commit to fail entirely. Now the pre-commit hook code will simply never call `git stash` when merging a merge commit. Reported by Damien Prystay. GH #100.
  • This release also includes the changes from the 0.76 and 0.77 trial releases.

Changes for version 0.77 - 2020-01-04 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Made some more line ending fixes in the test code.
  • Fixed a test to handle spaces with paths (on Windows, at least).

Changes for version 0.76 - 2019-12-24 (TRIAL RELEASE)

  • Preserve line endings in files but using raw mode to read and write. Otherwise Perl will automatically write files with the platform-appropriate ending. This could lead to ending "flapping" if you have developers working on the same project on different platforms, and probably lots of other annoying issues. Based on PR #97 from Kenneth Ölwing.


Your all-in-one code tidier and validator


Engine for tidyall, your all-in-one code tidier and validator
A simple caching engine which stores key/value pairs
Caching model for Code::TidyAll
Shared cache model for Code::TidyAll
A Config::INI::Reader subclass which can handle a key appearing more than once
Git pre-commit hook that requires files to be tidyall'd
Git pre-receive hook that requires files to be tidyall'd
Utilities for the git hook classes
Create plugins for tidying or validating code
A plugin to run any executable as a transformer
A plugin to run any executable as a validator
Use js-beautify with tidyall
Use jshint with tidyall
Use jslint with tidyall
Use the JSON::MaybeXS module to tidy JSON documents with tidyall
Use masontidy with tidyall
Use phpcs with tidyall
Use perlcritic with tidyall
Use perltidy with tidyall
Use perltidy-sweet with tidyall
Use podchecker with tidyall
Use Pod::Spell + ispell with tidyall
Use podtidy with tidyall
Sort the lines in a file
Result returned from processing a file/source
A role for plugins which allow you to use any executable as a transformer or validator
A role for any class that has a list of ignored paths specified in zglob syntax
A role for plugins which run external commands
Provides a _tempdir attribute for Code::TidyAll classes
Subversion pre-commit hook that requires files to be tidyall'd
Utility functions for SVN hooks
Utility functions for internal use by Code::TidyAll
Test::Glob hacked up to support "**/*"
A borged copy of File::Zglob
Check that all your files are tidy and valid according to tidyall


in lib/Code/TidyAll/Plugin/