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  • tidyall - Your all-in-one code tidier and validator



Changes for version 0.25

    • You can now pass "verbose => 1" to tidyall_ok(). Previously this would have been overridden because we unconditionally set "quiet => 1", but now we only do this when verbose is not specified.
    • Added a new "msg_outputter" attribute to Code::TidyAll. By default, this is a sub that simply calls "printf", but you can pass something else to change how messages are printed. Test::Code::TidyAll uses this to send messages through diag().
    • If you set "verbose => 1" when calling Test::Code::TidyAll, it will now use Text::Diff::Table to show details of how a file needs to be tidied in order to pass the tidyall checks.
    • Made the PerlCritic plugin pass even if a critic module issues some warnings. As long as perlcritic says "source OK", we want to treat that as a pass, despite any warnings it may issue. Fixed by Mark Fowler.
    • Made the caching model pluggable, and added a new Code::TidyAll::CacheModel::Shared class as an alternative to the default model. This lets you share the cache directory between multiple branches in a single checkout while still detecting file changes properly. Implemented by Mark Fowler.