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Changes for version 1.2 - 2003-10-20

  • Nathan Wiger ported many features from Apache::ConfigFile in an effort to combine the two modules. These features include:
    • o The fix_booleans option, which allows automatic conversion of yes/on/true to 1 and no/off/false to 0
    • o The expand_vars option, allowing reuse of previously-defined directives as $directive
    • o The setenv_vars option, which will automatically place variables defined via the SetEnv directive into the %ENV hash
    • o The hash_directives option, which allows proper handling of directives where the first value is really a key (ex. AddHandler).
    • o The duplicate_directives option, which allows the programmer to choose how duplicate directives are handled (by default the last one is kept, allowing subsequent configs to override earlier Includes)
    • o Support for multiple blocks with the same name.
    • o Support for include directories and multiple include files on a single line
    • o The root_directive option, which allows the user to define a root for that config file which is prepended to relative Include paths.
  • Added include_directives option to allow for differently named Include directives.
  • Removed deprecated support for the wrong spelling of inheritance_support as inheritence_support.
  • Fixed bug preventing mixed-case valid_directives and valid_blocks from working.


use Apache format config files