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Changes for version 0.18

  • Added DBIx::MoCo::Fixture by naoya
  • Added session_cache method for obtaining session cache hash ref.
  • Fixed a bug in flush_has_many_keys (deleting session cache)
  • Added info to sql error messages (by naoya)
  • Fixed DateTime problem with null columns (by naoya)
  • Added scalar method to force scalar context from TT etc. (by naoya)
  • Updated documents. (by kentaro)


Light & Fast Model Component
Simple Cache for DBIx::MoCo
Scalar blessed class for inflating columns.
Data Base Handler for DBIx::MoCo
A fixture for testing model components of DBIx::MoCo
Base class for joined DBIx::MoCo classes.
Array iterator for DBIx::MoCo.
MUID generator for muid fields
Base class for read-only DBIx::MoCo classes.
Storage class for relation definitions.
Schema class for DBIx::MoCo classes


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in lib/DBIx/MoCo/Column/
in lib/DBIx/MoCo/Column/
in lib/DBIx/MoCo/Column/
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