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Revision history for DBIx::SQLEngine.
Entry for poop-comparison
About the DBIx::SQLEngine distribution
Survey of DBI Wrappers
Tasks, ideas, and bugs


Extends DBI with High-Level Operations
Struct for database criteria info
Criteria for Compound "All"
Superclass for comparisons
Superclass for And and Or
Criteria for Basic Equality
Criteria for Basic Comparison
A group of string criteria
Criteria for Basic Comparison
Criteria for SQL92 Like Wildcards
Criteria with SQL snippets
Negating A Single Criteria
Criteria for Compound "Any"
Equality or Wildcard Criteria
DBI Wrapper with Driver Subclasses
Support DBD::AnyData driver
Support DBD::CSV driver
Support DBD::Informix and DBD::ODBC/Informix
Support Microsoft SQL Server via DBD::ODBC
Support DBD::mysql
Extends SQLEngine for Simple Testing
Support DBD::Oracle and DBD::ODBC/Oracle
Support DBD::Pg
Support DBD::SQLite driver
Extends SQLEngine for DBMS Idiosyncrasies
Support Microsoft SQL via DBD::Sybase
For minor variations in a database
For databases without complex joins
For databases without join ability
For databases without select limit
For drivers without placeholders
For databases without native sequences
For databases without select unions
For use with SQL::Statement
Support DBD::XBase driver
Add Methods for Columns
Base Class for Records
Avoid Repeated Selects
Factory for Record Classes
Provide extra methods
Flexible Pre/Post Hooks
A reference to a specific record in a table
Records accessed via a Schema::Table
A RecordSet with a current index
A RecordSet which holds primary keys
Array of Record Objects
Struct for database column info
Array of Schema::Column objects
A table in a data source
Array of Schema::Table objects


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